The Ultimate Guide to Computer Repair: Easy Steps for Repairs

That computer problem can hold you back from winning real money through your online casino en ligne gaming. If an online poker player’s PC freezes up while he or she is playing, they cannot take their hands off the keyboard and mouse. This could cost them a big pot of cash. Therefore, we are going to be giving you easy steps for repairs for your computer.

Step 1 – Start by Opening Your Computer Case

The first thing that will need to happen when repairing a computer is opening it up. You will have to remove every cable, connector and component that is connected to your motherboard. Remove your hard drive as well if there is one on your system. Once everything has been removed, close down your computer case, and place all items in a safe location until further notice.

Step 2 – Identify Items That Need To Be Replaced

Once you have opened your computer case, you will want to ensure that all components are replaced. It would be best if you had the motherboard along with any other boards that may need to be replaced. Also, make sure that you replace any broken cables that may be needed. Other things such as CD-ROM drives, power supplies, motherboards and other connectors should also be checked out and repaired if necessary.

Step 3 – Clean Up And Reinstall All Components

When you have finished replacing all parts, it is time to begin cleaning up and reinstalling all the components onto your motherboard. As mentioned before, this process may require some patience since it sometimes gets messy. You will want to clean all areas around your processor, memory modules, hard disk drives, and optical drives. Always wear eye protection when doing so.

Step 4 – Test Out Everything Again

Once you’ve placed all your new components into your computer case, test out your computer again. Make sure that everything works properly before powering up your machine. When you are done testing your computer, open it back up and ensure that all cables are connected correctly. Check your RAM memory; your video card needs a good cleaning also.

Step 5 – Replace Parts Based On Type Of Trouble

After performing the above steps, you will know what needs to be replaced. Now get to work on finding the right part. Before you do so, determine whether you even need a repair at all. A lot of issues can be solved just by replacing outdated parts. However, if something doesn’t seem to be working correctly, then the time to act is now!


Repairing computers isn’t always simple. But if something goes wrong with your machine, you need to learn how to fix it yourself. In general, people who own computers should know the above listed five things about fixing their machines themselves.