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Hello to everyone out there! I am Silverblue - a goth, a steampunk fan, and a fantasy artist and writer based in Melbourne, Australia. My full time job is as a web development specialist for the Bureau of Meteorology – I work with trying to help us create tools to combat our environmental problems and create a better future for Australia’s unique ecology.

I have been drawing since I was very little, but I am still facing the necessity of developing a more professional approach to art, and becoming accepting of critiques. As such, I welcome any commentary you may have for me – you can reach me on the Contact Page at the side there!

Have an awesome day!


10 July 2008

AlbaA new leadlight piece is in the art gallery - Alba the Owl! Alba took about fifty hours in total to complete, and uses Kokomo glass in her construction. She's very pretty, and currently entered into an art competition.


23 May 2008

A whole lot of new art pieces have been uploaded from 2008, as well as a new t-shirt design that you can purchase from Red Bubble.